About me

I live in Bangor, Maine with Gary, my longterm partner. I have one son, one daugher-in-law, one daughter, one son-in-law and three precious grandchildren. They’re all precious.

I have no pets and I’ve published no books, though I intend to publish a book. (No future intentions for pets, but I know people enjoy reading about them in the bio area so I wanted to give the topic the attention I could.)

I run an employee wellness program for a healthcare system in Maine. I live and breathe wellbeing. I just love wellbeing and try with all my might to have some.

I’m very rigid and controlling but I know it so hopefully that helps people like me anyway.

My current thing to be a fanatic about is bread making. I spend hours thinking about variations — yeast and Irish soda bread-based — that will rock my bread world. My freezer is full of dark chocolate orange, orange pecan, dark chocolate orange pecan, dark chocolate raisin, bacon, chili cheddar, smoked paprika, coconut, maple walnut, pecan pie, apricot almond, plain old chocolate (toasted with cream cheese applied to one side and peanut butter, always Jif, applied to the other), fruitcake, lemon poppyseed, old fashioned donut bread (nutmeg-based), banana chai, olive, rosemary, standard raisin caraway Irish soda bread (shockingly good considering caraway is nothing but an intrusion in potato salad and also seems like an old-person’s spice), multi-seeded, raisin bran, and so many others I can’t remember right now.

On bread, I pursue people relentlessly for good flavor possibilities until they break down and give me some, which I will then make for them in hopes that they will love it, which makes me inordinately and also confusingly happy, and which only ensures that they will get more. If people happen to casually show passing interest in my bread, I will track them like prey until they try some or I can shake a flavor out of them and then they are mine.

In addition to wellbeing and bread, I also really love words and use as many of them as I can.