About the blog

In the beginning we’re all handed the same beautiful dilemma – ourselves. Figuring out what to do with this hand-off is pretty much the project of this life. I’ve decided that my primary calling in this regard is to just hold it together. That’s it. To that end, I’ve been doled out clues over the past 5 decades about how to go about this, which I have mostly not understood in the slightest, but clues which are, at long last, being neatly filed and ordered in The Organization Project, a book in progress about everything I just said –- the big dilemma of being who we are, figuring out what to do with ourselves –- me in particular on this point and, in truth, pretty much me exclusively -– and, in the end, how to just be cool and hold it together. It can be a big job over here.

This blog is a collection of some of those clues. I will say this: having figured out my primary calling has simplified things. Everyday I send myself out in the world. Everyday I say just keep it together, Elizabeth. Be cool.

And that’s all I have to do. Welcome to be cool.

*If you are new to be cool, I recommend reading the very first official blog post — Hey Girly Girl (then all the others, of course).

And a big thank you to my brother, John, who generously, patiently and tolerantly developed the site and suffered my “just one more things” a lot.