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Something in my mind said “Plum,” so I circled back home on my green Schwinn 10-speed once again. I’d already done this 7, 8, 9 times. It was a beautiful summer afternoon, not too hot for an aimless cruise around town, but those plums were […]


What is wrong with us? I heard resilience described the other day as a coat hanger. Or rather, we are the coat hanger who gets bent out of shape; the coat hanger’s structural ability to be bent back into shape is what we call resilience. […]


What’s really going on in our mind

I have bipolar. However, what I’m really having a harder time reconciling about myself is being one of those people with bad allergies. Honestly, I just finished coughing my way through the last 8 weeks because I wasn’t going to be a person with allergies […]

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There’s a part of me as cagey as a cobra silly as a seal dingy as a dodo and sneaky as a fox. There’s a part of me as jumpy as a frog squirrley as a squirrel twitchy as a rabbit and stubborn as an […]


Velvet’s threshold

Part I She held herself like a queen, not in a haughty way, just in full possession of her silly 17-year-old self. Only 4 years older than Velvet myself but nonetheless the teacher of her in my Drama 3/4 class, it took a few weeks […]


Funny paycheck

“You look happy.” I had to say it. He was using his big round belly as a table for three Werther’s Originals as he lounged back in the Adirondack chair, looking content to a degree you rarely see. “I am,” he said, a middle-age poster child […]



We’re sitting in a small room in the medical practice, a drop-in group therapy session. I’m dropping in for the first time to check this out. I’ve recently had a stumble after years of solid mental health, brought on by a good shove from life. […]


Popsicle test

Sugar compelled us. We were sugar sniffing girls, alert to its presence in any form and prepared to work with raw materials to get it closer to the treat format. At the same time, we were practical about it, taking it, if need be, straight up from the bag […]


Fancy foreign car

Make no mistake. Being me doesn’t come cheap. Wait, I can’t bear it. Starting off like that…Because my childhood didn’t endorse obsessive self blabbery, I just can’t bear not to step outside this story — yet one more story about me —  for one moment, […]