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Scene 1 — Sissy

There should be some 1 – 2 – 3 instructions for what to do when someone is a jerk. Or when things don’t go your way. Or when you say — with complete conviction — that you are going to do one thing and then, […]

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Setting the stage, part 2

Gabe, my Native American massage therapist, worked on my hip for 8 months. This required exposing my middle-aged right butt cheek for lengthy periods of time to a young guy who could easily land a role in Hollywood. He is that handsome. I hadn’t quite been […]

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There’s a part of me as cagey as a cobra silly as a seal dingy as a dodo and sneaky as a fox. There’s a part of me as jumpy as a frog squirrley as a squirrel twitchy as a rabbit and stubborn as an […]