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They’re so smart. And funny.

Whether you have a special connection with elephants or not, I can almost guarantee that however you feel right now, after two minutes with these elephants, you’re going to feel a lot better, even if you already were feeling pretty darn good. Get ready for […]

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Animal intelligence

A few lessons from the wild… Owls Awareness. Cats Eat more fish. Groom regularly. Enjoy more naps. Act as though nothing is your fault, even if it is* Roosters and birds Get up and get going. Ants Don’t give up. Fish Go with the flow. […]

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There’s a part of me as cagey as a cobra silly as a seal dingy as a dodo and sneaky as a fox. There’s a part of me as jumpy as a frog squirrley as a squirrel twitchy as a rabbit and stubborn as an […]