Animal intelligence

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A few lessons from the wild…


Eat more fish.
Groom regularly.
Enjoy more naps.
Act as though nothing is your fault, even if it is*

Roosters and birds
Get up and get going.

Don’t give up.

Go with the flow.
Don’t eat worms.

Beauty is within.
If you’ve got it, flaunt it.**

Being annoying often doesn’t pay.

Stillness is possible.

Don’t kick yourself over things that happened in the past or pre-worry about things that haven’t yet happened and probably never will.
And don’t lick yourself***

All animals
Be yourself.


“Lessons from the wild” was published originally in Wellness Wednesday, a program component of the employee wellness program I run.

*Dubious advice, but wit counts for a lot. I appreciate the contribution, Andy!

**More dubious advice from Andy!

**Thanks for this one, Alan! You’re misread was way better advice than mine about kicking…

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