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The Anatomy of a Panic Attack

This is a story about a panic attack that threw a top-level, high-performing, rock-solid leader for a loop. For decades she’d been the person — at work and home alike – everyone turned to for steadiness, for staying power, for perspective, for answers. I will […]

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The wisdom of trivia

Mom always goes first. She’s spent time — who knows, maybe all week — getting organized for her Saturday Zoom share and needs to get it out there before she loses her train of thought. We are scrupulous in getting right to her once everyone […]


Love story

Gary comes in with a box, carrying it carefully, like there’s something precious inside, a baby. His care always catches my heart. We peer into the box together; it’s from his mother….a container of pasta salad made of little multicolored spirals with olives I think, […]


Honest tomatoes

On Canning Tomatoes Jean Basehore Thomson, guest blog   The tomatoes are spread out, four dozen of them, on sheets of newspaper covering the countertop.  A few are disfigured, their sides gangrenous, the pale yellowish-gray, limpish crust turning to fuzz.  But most are symmetrical – […]