Name that house

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A custom flavor loaf of Elizabeth’s Obsession Bread to the first person to identify whose house this is and who does not already know it by virtue of being a Mainer or a family member who has been dragged by. Well, first person who lives in the continental US, that is. I’m remembering the $120 box of homemade cookies I once mailed to Egypt.

Mildly interesting tidbit: We live 4 blocks from this place. I will confess a lot can happen in 4 blocks, but it still boggles my mind I can say I’m neighbors with this cat.

One thought on “Name that house”

  1. Andrea White says:

    Why, this is Stephen and Tabitha King’s house of course! An icon in the city of Bangor, Maine! I’ll bet it’s even more stunning on the inside!


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