Joy math

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Not an official blog post; just placeholder #2 to fill out the grid block design since I don’t want to have one lonely single tooth post like on the landing page. Still, I can’t help but help myself to a few words since the placeholder is here. So here are the words:

In case you’re not as good at reading math sentences as I am able to read this particular one, it goes like this:

The function that produces joy is defined as three adorable grandchildren to the power of cake.

I don’t do math very much — mostly not at all — with the exception of joy math very loosely based on Mo Gawdat’s very useful book, Solving for Happy, the most engineering-based book on happiness I have ever read, which makes sense given that Mo is an engineer. It’s surprisingly useful to be so pragmatic. Also, I would say this book is really not so much about how to be happy, but how not to be unhappy, also highly useful.


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