You’ve done it again!

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Oh numbers. You are so funny.

And all powerful. Look at the way you’ve managed to get a SECOND Wellness Wednesday Ode out of me in as many weeks when there are so many topics more directly related to wellbeing I could devote this column to.

But I can’t in good conscious get stingy with my odes when the happiness of my co-workers’ holiday BBQ is at stake. Colleagues, I need to caution you that your celebratory grilled meats, a traditional 4th of July favorite, have been have been used in a treacherous scheme that could very well bring financial ruin or at least frustration upon your head, and so I sincerely hope you have 3.5 minutes to watch Insignificant Mysteries. As a matter of safety, I feel I must extend this 4th of July warning:

“Beware; there is danger ahead. I beseech you to carefully watch your hot dog and bun numbers this holiday weekend. No one wants you to go through what Glenda and Jerry Henderson had to.”

Whew. Now that I’ve done my job in supporting your safety I feel liberated to say with no lingering shadow of concern hanging over my head, I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Let us count our blessings and our buns* this 4th of July. 😊


*Important Late Breaking News
It has come to my attention that this insignificant mystery is not unsolvable when converted to math sentence format:

With 8 dogs and 10 buns to a pack,
how many packages of each do you have to buy before they equal out?

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly column on being whole and healthy I write in my role as the wellness specialist for the health system I work for.

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