Life is still good

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Lately the going has been quite rough for everyone, but I happened upon something the other day on my walk that made the world still look pretty delightful. At 6 in the morning In downtown Bangor I found a friendly-looking, middle-aged fellow wrestling a stuffed animal the size of a small pony out of the back of his bright yellow Honda Fit.

This was just too curious. “Wow, where you going with that?” I called out before I could stop myself. I was kind of embarrassed but these are things I need to know.

He turned around, surprised by this voice coming at him in the stillness of the morning when he thought he was by himself.

“Oh, to the office,” he said sheepishly, sounding like he wished he hadn’t been caught.

So that was why he was here at 6 in the morning! He was avoiding walking into work carrying his enormous stuffed animal while everyone else was carrying their briefcases and totes. I can see how that would be hard to pull off with dignity and might be worth a special, early morning mission downtown.

“The office. Of course!” I called back over my shoulder, like this is a perfectly usual thing to do. The silliness just begged to be heightened.

A few beats later he shouted back in explanation and defense, “It’s for the health of the children!”

“Oh” I shouted back to him, no longer quick enough to come up with anything at all to say, which was very disappointing.

I regretted my slowness even more a few steps further down the road when I figured out he was probably some kind of child therapist, just the kind of thing I like to know for sure. In hopes of confirming my guess, I turned back around but by then he was unlocking the office building door and I was a half a block down the road. Even I had to concede it would be kind of weird to take this discussion further at that point.

Still, the sight of a guy sneaking an enormous stuffed animal out of the back of his cheerful yellow Honda Fit in the still of the morning for the health of the kids was already a big unexpected bonus for the day and made me really happy. And mildly ponder on how a world can both fall apart and still be very occasionally good. Still occasionally be very good. Probably a lot more than occasionally good. Probably quite often very, very good.

Okay, I think I’ve got it:

Life is still quite often probably very, very good no matter what else is also going on.

6 thoughts on “Life is still good”

  1. For a while at the start of the lockdown, I felt a lot of guilt for preferring (and actually) enjoying the changes to a slower pace of life. No more. The pace has picked up, and I unabashedly long for those days when nothing was expected of me other than checking email on occasion. There’s always something to enjoy or appreciate about life.

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  2. There was most definitely a part of lockdown that suited me, too. However, my job and home responsibilities carried on as usual so I never felt like I ever got a taste of all that free time to make sourdough and such — especially with grocery shopping becoming a military maneuver in and of itself! For a while we did the whole disinfecting of every item coming into the house. That was a process. So that part had zero appeal. But, back to the point…there is always something to enjoy or appreciate which is one of the things about life that is so weird — how it goes on in the midst of anything, bringing its little wonders.

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    • I just returned from the store with a bunch of breakfast stuff. I sanitized everything, as we always do, because it’s a small inconvenience and if I don’t, I’ll need to get up and wash my hands every time I fill up my cereal bowl. I always want to like my own posts and comments. I have a friend on facebook who likes everything he posts. After a while it doesn’t seem weird any more. Maybe we should all start doing that.


  3. I would just like to declare that I liked my own reply by mistake! Thought I was liking Jeff Cann’s. At the same time I can’t say I don’t like my reply. I like it well enough.

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