Jasper’s This-Is-Good moment

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Jasper is a jail-break kind of dog that slips his leash or digs his way to freedom, however the opportunity may present itself. Pam is a 60-year-old “I’m-on-it” sort of woman who drops her bike on the sidewalk to chase down neighborhood dogs on the run no matter how many backyards they lead her through. She sees a situation; she goes for it. In fact, Jasper’s owner didn’t even know she was missing a dog until Pam showed up at the door with the Husky/Shephard rapscallion by the collar.

 “Hi, I’m Pam from Palm,” (as in Palm St.) Pam explained when Anita, my co-worker, answered the door. “I was told this runaway is yours?”

After Jasper slunk through the door, Pam-from-Palm and Anita kept going which is how Anita found out about TIG* which stands for “This Is Good.” If Pam achieves her vision, TIG is what we’ll all be shouting when we come across something good. For instance, say someone shows up at your door with your escaped dog. That’s a TIG moment. Or say you happen to see a newborn baby do some of those newborn baby moves. That’s a big TIG.

A TIG can be anything. It can be as tiny as a Tic Tac you didn’t know you were going to be offered or it can be as big as a vaccine for COVID. The point is to call it out when you see something good going on in your world. Obviously, especially now.

This whole TIG thing came about when one of Pam’s friends randomly commented, “This is good.” I wish I knew what this good thing was but the details are sketchy and I have no way to contact Pam. We don’t even know her last name. However, something about that “This is good” moment made them realize there was concept potential here. It could be big. In that moment TIG was born and now they are trying to get it going. Pam came right out and said it point blank.

“We’re trying to make this into a movement so pass it on,” Pam told Anita, as if Pam-from-Palm with her spontaneous, self-appointed dog-catching could be more charming. (Talk about a TIG.)

“Sometimes the good stuff is right there in front of you and sometimes you need a shovel to dig for it, but calling it out makes it real and gives it power. You know?”

I do know. Declarations have heft. And declaring it to someone gives it even more heft though just declaring TIG out loud to myself still carries weight. Just not that “California jinx, you can’t say a word til someone says your name” weight that happens when people have a thing they call out. “Seat saved” is another one of those shared declarations from childhood that’s burned into my soul. See? Heft. That could be TIG.

So call it out and pass it on! We’ve got a movement here to spread so make it your family’s thing!

Wouldn’t that be so TIG?

*Full disclosure: the Pam-from-Palm official, original acronym is ATIG which stands for “And this is good.” I take the “And” to suggest a sort of rolling list of goodness as in, “This is good and this is good and this is good,” etc. And I like that. I like it a lot. It’s just that ATIG sounds too much like AFib and atrial fibrillation kind of ruins the moment so I granted myself poetic license. With apologies to Pam.

4 thoughts on “Jasper’s This-Is-Good moment”

  1. I had to look up Fetch. It is audacious to think you can start something. Or try to start something. I wonder what the success rate of engineered movements is. Or if the ones that seem organic really aren’t.

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  2. macorlew says:

    Oh Elizabeth, I just read Jasper’s TIG moment and I stopped dead-still in my tracks when I read “and Pam said it point blank”! Your grandfather and my father Ralph Clayton used that expression constantly. I’m not even thinking of context – just how quirky language is from generation to generation. It was a moment that caught me totally unexpectedly — this may not seem such a big thing to non-Claytons but to me it said the flow goes on. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – when I get over this epiphany I may realize what you were talking about in your lovely blog! Love you, Martha Ann


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  3. I love the flow of things through generations, too. It’s fascinating. I don’t remember Granddaddy saying that, specifically, but there was a word he used that caught my ear and fascinated me. It was the use of the word “corruption” in regard to language — a corruption of language. For some reason I’m associating the word “onion” as the one he was using to demonstrate the corruption but I can’t think how onion could be corrupted. The marvel to me was how much bigger the word corruption was than I had ever considered and could be applied to all sorts of different things. It was such a great demonstration of the wonder of language and how it gets in us — and also flows through us! That is so cool. And now I’m thinking of one other thing that flowed from your parents to Amy and me is the way Grandmother used to stand with one leg forward. That’s the classic stance Amy and I both go into when in resting standing mode. Thanks for sharing “point blank!” Fun way to start my day. Love you, too, Martha Ann. E


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