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The Fashion Transition

Short read Knowing how to get old is confusing. There seems to be a lot of loss involved. Maybe we can work with that. The whole read For quite a long while getting old seemed mostly like a transition in fashion and hairstyle…the age when […]

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Leaving your mark

There is a lady who walks her dog on State Street in Portland every day. When she gets to Mercy Hospital, she takes a little detour so she can place a painted rock on the hospital’s front entrance steps or the guardrail going down to […]

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Honest tomatoes

On Canning Tomatoes Jean Basehore Thomson, guest blog   The tomatoes are spread out, four dozen of them, on sheets of newspaper covering the countertop.  A few are disfigured, their sides gangrenous, the pale yellowish-gray, limpish crust turning to fuzz.  But most are symmetrical – […]