The essence of gratitude

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One of the redeeming things to come out of this pandemic madness is how it has reminded the world who we rely on to live. Reminded the world of who, bottom-line, really keeps us all alive on a day-by-day basis.

Not that we all aren’t essential human beings and not that there hasn’t been extraordinary generosity, effort and sacrifice made for the greater good by many who aren’t on the frontline, but the risk some people are being asked to take for the rest of us is hard to wrap your mind around. It will cost them, even if they and their families escape COVID-19. And it will inspire us for the rest of our days, along with many works of great beauty and gratitude. This one by Alicia Keys captures what we all would like to say.

It’s an extraordinary thing to work for a place that is home to so many people on the frontline. May you know how deep our gratitude for you goes.


I work for Northern Light Health. This piece was first published as a column I write for employees every week on being whole and healthy called Wellness Wednesday.

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