Be what?

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Let’s face it: on occasion we all fall a little in love with someone we want as a friend or a romantic partner but who, alas, does not feel the same way. This is what I overheard a colleague talking about the other day, adding that it’s especially pronounced for her since she has a tendency to fall so easily in love. For that reason, she has collected a whole string of people who mildly broke her heart at one time. She can’t remember many of them now, which grieves her a bit because at the time they were important to her in some way. And because each of them sparked something good in her, she kind of wishes she’d tattooed their crossed-off names on her arm to keep track of this goodness.

So far as I know, I’m not a tattoo person, but hearing something like this, I can’t help but contemplate what I would want to keep so close I’d tattoo it on. It came to me surprisingly fast, though.

Be real. That was it. Those are the words I would tattoo on. And I think I would put them on the palm of my hand like the answer to a test. I could sneak reminder peeks of the answer all day long.

What about you? What two words would you want to keep in the palm of your hand as a reminder for the rest of your time? Be what?


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