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There was one sad winter when even the sound of a siren would bring tears to my eyes just thinking about the tragic mission that emergency vehicle might be on. But that was also the winter I discovered The Office, the legendary sitcom series set in the office of Dunder Mifflin paper company, an office under the hilarious mismanagement of the most loveably inappropriate boss there ever could be. Gary, my partner, and I watched every single episode of every single season despite the fact that Gary had seen them all. That was the funniest sad winter I’ve ever had! That’s what comedy can do.

And now I have wonderful news. I just found out John Krasinski, none other than Jim from The Office, is back to brighten the sad season now upon us with a feel-good news show shot from the confines of his home living room. Some Good News is here to balance the load of bad news we spend so much time absorbing these days. Instead, Some Good News brings us worldwide glimpses of the fun, playful, and resilient human spirit co-existing within us right alongside extraordinary stress. This is the heart-warming, inspiring, funny stuff we all need right now.

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More good news
Krasinski is also quick to point out his is not the only good news outlet dedicated to making sure we don’t get the idea good news is in as short supply as toilet paper and antibacterial wipes. Go ahead and load your cart up. There’s an unlimited supply. Shop, mask-free, for as much happiness as you want right here:

May you be happy. May you be inspired. May you be creative. May you be playful and resilient. And, of course, may you be safe.

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